15/07/21 . 8PM
16/07/21 . 8PM
17/07/21 à 8.45PM
La Cartonnerie, St-Etienne

With Julie De Bellis
Cie Danceflore
Le Magasin :

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July 2021

First performance
Artistic director : Mostafa Naraghi
Dance : Rhea Obels et Silke Kloostermann

Commissioned from European Patent Office
Ryswick - Pays-Bas

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October 2021

Preparing and recording an album

Transcriptions of lullabies composed by the studients of the Maîtrise de la Loire

Choir : Maîtrise de la Loire - dir. Jean-Baptise Bertrand

Ensemble : Canticum Novum



Le Corbusier - Firminy

First performance - Ishin Denshin

Text by Sébastien Vidal

Opening concert - Festyvocal

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Mai 2021
Théâtre des Pénitents - Montbrison

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Le Château des Carpathes
Musical tale - text by Henri Dalem
First performance
For choir, cello and percussions

Commissioned by the Maîtrise de la Loire


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Emmanuelle Da Costa is a French composer born in 1988 in Saint-Etienne (France). Exchanges, connections, interactions with other arts (in particular performing arts), and collaborations with other artists constitute the essence of Emmanuelle's music. In 2021, she participates at the first performance #REINES with the Cie DanceFlore and the dancer Julie De Bellis, and for the performance "Minotaure" with the painter Pierre-Louis Besson, Lisa Heute (composition and accordion) and Léa Cointet (cello). She is the laureate of the Societe Generale Musical Mécénat for the year 2021-2022.


Choral singing and voice always occupy a special place in her production. She had opportunities to collaborate several times with the French Institute of Choral Art, the Maîtrise de Radio France, the Maîtrise de la Loire, the Chœur et Orchestre des Jeunes - Orchestre des Champs-Elysées, Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, various women's choirs (Artmilles, Mora Vocis), Voices 21C, Syllepse...  She receives commissions from various performers, ensembles and institutions - Espace culturel de Chaillol, Festival Superspectives, European Patent Office, Maîtrise de Toulouse...

Emmanuelle also writes film music. She composed for the short film Olympiades by Léa Ducos (selected for the 2015 FID International film festival in Marseille, and the 2015 FIAC International Art Fair, Without Pictures or conversation? (selected for the 2016 FID International film festival in Marseille and the Wuhan Design Biennale in China), and étude numéro un by Elise Meunier (recipient of the 2017 PACA Regional Contemporary Arts Fund).

She studied composition in the class of Pascale Jakubowski at Saint-Etienne Conservatory where she received her composition diploma with high distinctions. She also completed a conducting diploma in the class of Maëlle Defoin, and a Master's degree in Musicology at Jean Monnet University (Saint-Etienne, France). She studied composition at Higher national conservatory of music and dance of Lyon with David Chappuis and Luca Antignani, and electroacoustic music with Diego Losa. She graduated with a Master's degree in musical creation. She is currently finishing a master's degree in composition education and she teaches musical creation at the Maîtrise de la Loire.



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